3 pandas in Brazil

The characters you know went on a tourist trip again. During a picnic in a clearing, they became victims of an attack. But not a maniac, but a poacher. He threw a net over them, but this time the heroes got out on their own. This is the beginning of the game Three Pandas in Brazil.

So, the cubs are in the middle of the city street. They need to get home. The path is divided into many stages, at each of which it is necessary to use your own reasoner to get to the other side of the screen and move on. As in other parts of the series of character adventures, each of them has their own abilities, which is very useful for overcoming obstacles. While the game is in progress, three pandas in Brazil arouse sympathy among locals and animals. They also try to help friends, including tips. For example, a shameless ginger cat will show you how to jump on beach umbrellas. In short, playing 3 pandas in Brazil will not allow bored children or adults.