Bad Ice Cream 2

In the unblocked game “Bad Ice Cream 2” you are waiting for the continuation of the adventures of a little ice cream – angry. It still craves fruit. The bigger, the better. In the second part, you will find a small surprise. The number of sweet characters has increased and now there are six instead of three. You can choose any ice cream: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, sorbet, mint or ice cream with chewing gum. made a choice? Then, we begin! You are waiting for as many as forty levels and a whole bunch of delicious fruit. To complete the level, you need to collect all the fruits. But at the same time, you should be careful, because they are guarded by terrible monsters and you need to hide from them. And you can hide behind the ice blocks. Using the space bar, you can create blocks and destroy them in the same way. Have a good game!