Jack Smith is quite a popular hero of many online games, in which he helps many brave warriors fighting on the good side. Each blade created by Jack is practically a work of art, and it is worth saying that he has magical properties, so judge for yourself whether it is possible to strike with a regular sword such a blow after which ten soldiers fall at the same time, or the stone rock will be cut into small pieces. We personally have never had it, even in online games, but now we know who we can go to for the best weapon. Each warrior armed with a sword created by Jack will be able to easily deal with the full-fledged enemy units, and each warrior personally goes to the blacksmith to make a weapon by the standards of a soldier. Forge Dezhka was quite high in the mountains, but over time, the blacksmith realized that help was needed around the world and to make his forge mobile, he built a real mobile workshop, with furs for metal smelting, anvil and other elements with which he would create weapons are no worse than in their mountain home. By the way, you probably did not wonder why a blacksmith is not a man but a donkey, but the whole thing is that he came from a parallel world, after all, only a magician can forge magic swords, but an image of an ass, because he was too smart with magic spells , over time, he will regain the image of a man, but first of all you need to help people in the war with monsters. HOW TO PLAY? There is almost no time, so go along with Jack and start making weapons. Once the weapon is created, you need to go with the warriors and fight with everyone who appears on the road. By the way, only in battle you can get new materials, which can be used to create new weapons, and not just swords and daggers.