Neon shoot

It’s time to check your fingers for agility and speed! In the game “Neon Basketball” you have to show us your sports skills and have fun with the ball and neon rings. The essence of the game is that you need to throw the ball into the basket the maximum number of times. There will be two baskets on the court and you should throw your neon ball into each basket in turn. It will be quite simple, but carefully follow the time scale. You must throw the ball before the time expires. Also, do not forget to collect multi-colored asterisks. They will be a nice addition, which will give you extra points. The game is over, as soon as you do not have time to throw the ball in the basket. Dexterity and quick response will help you cope in two ways. This cool game will appeal to players of all ages and brighten up a few free minutes that you spend on it.

You can also unlock new balls of a different neon color, but this requires a lot of stars. Play, have fun and set your personal record for the number of balls thrown into the basket. Share your results with friends and compete!

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