Roller Splat

“Roller Splat” is a beautiful and exciting puzzle game that will not leave anyone indifferent. Ahead of you are waiting for a lot of gray labyrinths, which you should paint in bright colors. This will help you a little white ball. In any movement the ball will leave behind a colorful trace. With it, you will slide on intricate mazes and paint them in all the colors of the rainbow. Just a few movements and gray dull corridors will turn into cheerful, bright paths, from which it is difficult to tear off eyes and not smile.

You need to choose the right tactics so as not to cross the same place several times. After all, treading on one place is so boring! Think over each step and quickly deal with the next level, because in front of you waiting for a hundred levels. Here you will manage to have fun and make this virtual world colorful and bright. Enjoy the game and good luck!