RowRow is a superb and challenging puzzle game in which you must try and fill all the shapes within the grid. Each shape represents a number, and you must remember this when playing the game – the number relates to the number of sides the shape has. You must drag and align the black and white shapes so that they match each other to complete the level. The challenges start simple and get progressively harder with more shapes to account for. This is a fun and unique puzzle game – can you defeat every level of RowRow? Release Date January 2019 Developer RowRow was developed by Way Way Studio, you can check the developer’s website here. Features A unique puzzle game to test your logic Addition mechanics Sliding gameplay Cool shapes Relaxing music Platforms Web browser Steam Categorization Puzzle Games » Math Games » RowRow More Information About RowRow RowRow is an exciting math game that you can enjoy on CrazyGames in your browser, for free. RowRow is made with WebGL technology to run smoothly in all modern browsers. RowRow has been played by less than 100 people and has received a rating of 8.3 / 10 by 6 people. Did you like playing RowRow? Then check out our other math games or to Draw Sum and 2147483648. SHOW LESS Controls Drag left mouse button to move the slider.