Swords and Souls

Role playing game about gladiator. In the arena, you fight for money – you can buy weapons, spells, potions in the shop (shop). Training – training room, which can also be improved for money so that training goes faster, there you can significantly boost character’s characteristics by passing mini games (to exit, press the arrow at the top left). In the hero section, you can develop the hero by improving the add. blows and talents. There is a bank on the museum tab – you can put money there, then to receive a certain amount from time to time (you need to pick it up yourself), and you can also exchange clover for useful items (click on a mushroom). Home is your home, the construction costs money, but it increases the gold acquisition rate and experience. Characteristics: sword – damage in melee, target – ranged damage and chance of attack, shield – block chance and health, boot – evasion and health, last – crit chance (double damage) and health. Controls: 1-6 use special moves, shift + 1-6 potions and spells.