Trollface Quest

If you want to double-check yourself for speed, then it’s time for the game Trollface quest to shine on the screen of your computer monitor! Quickly turn on the festive toy and start the battle! You will find yourself in a fun simulator. Wait, here you do not have to scour the clearing and attack the monsters attacking you. The toy process directly depends on whether you can quickly press the keys.

Now you are standing on a pretty field, in front of you stands a friendly smiley face, millions of icons with pictures of other memes are hidden behind them. Play is easy. Click the left mouse clicker on the central object. Each click rewards you with additional points and nice bonuses. After clicking will pop up windows with the results of works. Lower indicators are an opportunity to troll babies. Due to this, the number of points increases. In the Trollface quest, you must control the number of your own parameters in order to stay on a swim. Crush on the side heroes to collect maximum coins and improve personal indicators. Catch the flying pills (the game gives an extra chance to win) to improve performance.