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American football is a sport for tough guys. To become a successful athlete in this type of football you need to have strength, endurance and stamina. This sport has become one of the most beloved in America and not only. In the game “American Football: Strikes”, you can test yourself in this sport. Ready? Then, we begin!

How to play?
Here you will not need to run around the field and break through rivals. Now you will train your accuracy and accuracy. Before you will be two scales with a running soccer ball. You need to get to the designated segment so that your athlete can score a goal. At the gate there will be three zones: green, yellow and red. Getting into the green zone is an absolute goal. For getting into the yellow zone you will get extra points. But if you score the ball in the red part of the gate, then you will be removed a few points. With each level the game will be harder and harder, but with an effort you will successfully cope with any task. Enjoy the game and good luck!