Among Us Shooting Boxes

Astronauts “Among Us” never cease to amaze with their antics! They then arrange bedlam on a spaceship and look for traitors, then they start dangerous pranks. This time the guys also distinguished themselves. The cosmonauts staged a real riot and began to play pranks right in space. Do you want to join them and also play a little hooliganism in outer space? Then, welcome to Among As: Shoot The Boxes!

How to play?
Together with the red traitor, you have to destroy endless walls of boxes. It will be fun, cool and cool! The essence of the game is very simple. The red astronaut will fly forward automatically, and your task is to help him maneuver in the air so that he does not fall down. There will be large box towers along the way. Each box has a number. It indicates the number of shots fired to complete destruction. The astronaut will fire automatically, with short breaks between charges. Consider this when flying. Try to choose the box with the smallest number in order to quickly destroy it and go further. Enjoy your game and good luck!