Angry Birds Go Crazy

The long and painful war of the two strongest clans that will never come to a compromise – evil birds and green pigs, has reached its climax! The feathered troops decided to launch a serious attack on the territory of the enemy in order to destroy him once and for all. Too many precious eggs have been stolen recently and need to be returned at any cost, and our f ighters in feathers are ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of a common cause, which has been proved more than once! It’s just that the path is not close, and the territory of the pigs is full of various obstacles on the way and deadly traps that can be hidden around every corner and turn, so the birds really need your help as a wise leader of the army! Bring the feathered patrol to victory, return all the eggs back to the nests so that they can safely hatch and continue the good work of their ancestors to destroy the pig settlement! The battle will not be easy, but righteous anger boils in you against injustice and meanness, which means you will definitely win!