Army Shooter

The game Army 3D Shooter is an excellent shooter on the theme of the army. Here you will play the role of an army soldier who must take part in combat missions. The game has only two main game modes, defense and attack. In defense mode, you will keep control of your territory and kill all enemy warriors who try to get to your base. In attack mode, you need to run around the map and sneak up on enemy fighters to quietly kill them. All these tasks will only be possible for the most experienced shooter and soldier.

How to play?
Choose a game mode and get started. First, try to protect your base. The whole game process is divided into waves. Each wave consists of several enemies who will run towards you. With each new wave of enemies there will be more and more. The game goes into the account and the number of points you score depends on how long you can hold out. Choose one of the available cannons and open fire on enemy soldiers. You can shoot with a pistol, machine gun, machine gun, shotgun and even a sniper rifle. You have an unlimited number of bullets, which means you have the opportunity to defend and hold out for a very long time. After defense mode, try attack mode. In this mode, you will have complete freedom of action, you can run around the map and shoot enemies right and left. It’s time to play 3D Army Shooter 3D and test your strengths and capabilities by battling real, trained soldiers. Good luck