Basketball Jam Shots

The game “Basketball: Throws in the Ring 3D” is a simulator of real ball throws in the ring. The best basketball players of the world gathered to demonstrate their skills. Choose one of the 6 available players and start making throws! The game consists of five modes, namely: novice, pro, master, time mode and super mode. All game modes are opened in turn. For example, to unlock the pro mode, you need to score a certain number of points in the novice mode. Thus, the more balls you can score, the higher your score will be and the faster you will be able to move on to the following game modes.

Choose the trajectory of the ball and throw it, with the hope of getting into the basket. Sometimes, there will be other players on the field who will try to place you. They will do various tricks, like jumping or spinning a basketball backboard. To open the next game mode, you need to throw in the basket a specified number of balls and score the required number of points in the current mode, having kept within the allotted time. A series of successful shots give the right to the far – bonus shot, which allows you to earn even more points. Can you master the teeth? Play and show your basketball skills and the ability to throw the ball!

Hint: Throw balls as soon as possible to get an extra bonus!

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