Blocky Battle Royale

Blocky Battle Royale: We present a new online “shooter” with players from all over the world. The game has pixel graphics, which raises its popularity among players who constantly spend time in the Minecraft universe. But unlike a game where, for starters, you need to build a shelter and develop your hero along the way, extracting resources, you should immediately prepare for the fact that everywhere you will be shot at your warrior and if you do not have time to hide from the plane, blame to me. In addition, jumping from an airplane, try to land as quickly as possible and not parachute, otherwise, the enemy snipers will try to make the warrior’s corpse fall to the ground, and not the warrior himself. Unfortunately, jumping you can not use the weapon, you simply do not have it. This means that once on the surface of a closed zone, get ready to hide immediately and look for weapons. You can find not only a pistol or assault rifle, even a sniper rifle can lie quietly in neighboring bushes, but for this, you will have to look around carefully. All this is necessary in order to survive, so you complete your task. This can only be done by destroying everyone around, and so that you and the rest of the players do not fall asleep in their shelters, the game zone Pixel Battle Royale 3D will constantly decrease. Anyone who does not obey the narrowing of the zone will die. more shooting games