Bob the Robber 2

Oh, and not just being a thief in the modern world! Indeed, true theft is a real art, accessible not to everyone, and modern technologies leave the masters of the dark business less and less chance of success, so there are so few cunning thieves left free. But we will introduce you to one representative of this enchanting mastery, this is a cute thief named Bob, who easily agreed to tell us about his exploits on the dark side of the law, and even more than that, he will give us instruction on the intricacies of the thieves case, where you can independently try yourself in this fascinating role, and Bob himself will only fulfill your ideas. But be careful at the same time, because our super thief risks being caught by law enforcement officers for the smallest careless oversight! The cunning and dodgy world of shadows and intrigues behind the door lock is waiting for you, so do not be timid for a second, but pick the master keys in your hands and catch luck by the tail!