Boss vs Warriors

Boss vs Warriors: A detachment of four warriors: a magician, a ninja archer, a knight, and a troll roam the world. They are free warriors and their main task is the struggle for justice and the defense of the oppressed. These values ​​and goals brought together completely different heroes. Their road passes through a dense forest, about which there are many different rumors. Rumor has it that terrible monsters live there, but you won’t scare our fighters with anything. Entering the canopy of trees, they did not stop loudly talking and strumming weapons, but in vain. The noise woke up a huge evil tree. It came off the roots and began to pursue the heroes. The friends did not fight the tree, but preferred to flee, but even this did not save them. Different monsters began to appear on the way of the fighters and attack. Here you have to fight and you will help the heroes to survive in Boss vs Warriors.

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