build and crush

The fun continues, because before you is the brand new Minecraft: Build and Destroy crazy game. Here you can do whatever you want: to destroy, break, destroy, and then rebuild. Choose the option that is more to your liking. To start the construction of a building or structure, you need to use blocks, of which there are a lot, and they are all of different colors and prints. Therefore, almost every player is able to build a building unique in its style and form, but if you don’t like it, you can smash it to pieces. To demolize a building, you must first select it. These objects can be different both characters and inanimate objects: fort, cripper, farm, castle, zombie, bank, barn or something else. If you do not want to choose, the game is able to make random choices in your place. And with the help of what and how it is necessary and possible to destroy? To do this, there are military soldiers, powerful jeeps, nuclear warheads, explosives, aircraft, natural disasters (hurricanes, erupting volcanoes, tornadoes, meteor showers and earthquakes). Enjoy it! also, play build and crush unblocked