Burning Man 2

In the cool game “Burning Man 2” you have to save the poor man with a burning head. Ahead of you will find a huge number of exciting levels where you will demonstrate your dexterity and ingenuity. Before the start of the game, you can choose one of forty men. Among them there will be not only ordinary rag dolls, but also famous characters in films and fairy tales. This will foster interest in the game and make you quickly put out the fire on the head of your hero.

The essence of the game is that you need to throw a man with a flaming head into the water. Then, the little man will be saved and stop blazing, and you can go to the next level. Your hero will hang on a rope, and you must use various objects to throw him into the water. For example, remove the blocks on which the character hangs, and use a pipe or a springboard so that the poor man quickly finds himself in the water. The sooner you complete the task, the more gold stars you will receive. Enjoy the game and good luck!