Catch the Candy Xmas

Catch the Candy Xmas: Winter has come and finally, the New Year holidays have come. One of the most famous holidays is Christmas. Our purple fluffy waited for Christmas because on this holiday a lot of sweet candies are waiting for him. As always, to get sweets, our hero needs to try hard. The game will have 20 levels, which you must pass. Help the little monster find all the sweets, get to them and eat them. In each level, you will need to overcome special obstacles to get to the candy. The long arm of our hero always saves the situation, the main thing is to learn how to use it correctly. Real New Year adventures await you. Everything is covered with snow and there is a lot of ice around, but this will not stop our hero, because he will be able to find candy at any cost. Round sweets will await him, not only on the street but also inside the houses, where everything has long been prepared for Christmas. Make a mess in every home, because candy is your main goal. In one of the houses on the Christmas tree, a fluffy can find a dozen chocolates, because he was waiting for this holiday. Eat all the sweets if you can catch them! Good luck

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