Classic Jeep Parking

You never paid attention to the fact that on the roads there are a large mass of cars of small sizes, or as they are called – small cars, and if you divide them by sex, the main share falls on women. But why so? Probably because cars of small size are more convenient, faster, and the main point is that it is easier to park such cars, by the way, which is why men prefer large jeeps, although it is much more difficult to park such a car in urban conditions. Yes, what we are telling, try to park several cars in the Classic Jeep Park, and you will immediately understand everything.


Game Classic Jeep Parking
Huge, straight monsters are standing and waiting for their fate, while you sit in one of them and park them. It seems nothing complicated, right? You have a car, there is a goal, there is a road leading to it and there are limiters, but as soon as you get behind the wheel, you begin to understand that the car does not pass in dimensions, and you have to move very slowly, otherwise a collision or just touching any object will result to lose. Now imagine that you have traveled a long way at a very slow speed and hooked an obstacle, and in the end you will have to replay. This can only be prevented in one way – constantly training.

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