Cold Station

In the game “Cold Station”, you will go to the ominous space station where the accident occurred. All systems began to signal the mass loss of space station personnel. To find out the reason, head of security Alice Vincent goes there. Going down to the engineering compartment, she discovers only rivers of blood and hordes of bloodthirsty monsters. Almost all personnel were struck by an extraterrestrial life form and turned into zombies, the rest fell victims of monsters. But in spite of the horror, you need to complete the mission and save the scientists who survived.

How to play?
The game has two modes – campaign and survival. In campaign mode, you should go through fifteen levels. Carefully explore the entire ship to find useful items, unlock special skills and find powerful weapons Collect key cards, crack terminals and destroy all the monsters that roam around. In survival mode, you will find yourself in an arena where Alice has to fight hordes of hungry zombies to earn the maximum number of points. This will be a dangerous mission on which not only your life depends, but also the fate of the survivors. Good luck