Counter Battle Strike SWAT Multiplayer

Counter Battle Strike SWAT Multiplayer: And again, the fate of humanity is at stake. This time we will go to fight the virus created by military scientists in a new three-dimensional shooter – Special Forces Combat: Counter-Strike. One thing is good, the virus was created on one of the Pacific islands, which prevented it from spreading to the rest of the land and hitting the rest of the world’s population. But you can’t leave infected people, that is, zombies. What will happen if one of the travelers one day sets foot on the island and becomes infected and if the zombies make their way to the ship or helicopter? Salvation, in this case, will not be anyone. You will have to go with a detachment of special forces to the island and destroy all infected. Unfortunately, it is impossible to develop an action plan and will have to act on the circumstances, solving the task on the spot.