Cowboys are cool and agile guys who know a lot about their business. In the past, they professionally caught and drove feral bulls into corrals. Because of this, the local ranches flourished and had a huge number of livestock. Cowboys were the main getters in those days. But today, they also benefit their ranches and easily manage the grazing of a large number of animals. In the cool game “Cowboy”, you will turn into a deft little who has no equal in this matter.

You have to catch wild bulls and ship them to a large farm. The cowboy will act on his own and will automatically abandon the lasso. In his hands will be a few wild bulls, for which you will receive money. Having accumulated a certain amount, you can increase the order for catching bulls and instead of three catch five or even ten wild animals. Also, you can pump a lasso throw. You can increase your throw much and catch more cattle. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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