Cursed Treasure 2

If you like strategy unblocked games, then this one will definitely satisfy your needs. Damned Treasure 2 – This game belongs to the genre of building towers and towers. Enemies are approaching your castle, and in order to remove their attack, you need to build a serious tower. With it, you can detain enemies, and possibly kill them before they reach your territories.
In total, for the construction of the wall, three types of different towers are offered, all of them differ in price and, accordingly, in battle efficiency. Also on the panel you can find other, additional buildings that will help increase the protection of the wall. But not only the strength of the stone will help you in this battle. Having reached a certain level, you can discover the world of magic. After drinking a few bottles of magic soda, you can become strong and powerful for a while.
Throughout the game, your skills will improve. In total there are three branches for improvement, it is better to pay attention to them all and seek to improve each. But at the same time, select one and keep the rest at a minimum, but still significant level, so that at the crucial moment you are not trapped.