Dino Transport

Guys, it’s time to get to work! In the game “Transportation Dinosaurs” you have to get behind the wheel of a large truck. This work is not easy, because you have to carry a very unusual cargo. If before you had to work only with boxes, boxes and containers, today you will have dinosaurs in your car. These prehistoric reptiles have appeared in the modern world and now there is a great opportunity to look at them alive, and not in the pictures of encyclopedias. You are ready? Then start the engine!

How to play?
The game has three modes: training, time and survival. First, we recommend that you go through a small training session to explore the area where the zoo with dinosaurs is located, and get acquainted with the terrain. Carefully follow the direction of the arrow and follow it. You need to pick up a dinosaur, drive through the circles and deliver your unusual passenger. In the modes of survival and for a time it is necessary to deliver dinosaurs to the zoo for a specified time. If you do not have time in time, then you lose and you have to start over again. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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