Emoji Glass

It’s time to test your intelligence and quick wits! In the game “Emoji Glass” you will find an exciting puzzle and a sea of ​​funny emoticons. The essence of the game is that you need to collect a full glass of emoji, which will fall out of a large pipe. But not so simple. There will be many obstacles around that can prevent the kids from getting into the glass.

How to play?
You need to make emoticons easily fall into the vessel. For this you will have a magic pencil. With it, you will draw lines that immediately turn into dashes and bridges. Sometimes you have to give a good brain shot to make the right move. If you find yourself in a dead end, then you can use the hint. For each level passed, the player will be awarded bonus points. For them you can buy new emojis and magic pencils. This puzzle will appeal to both kids and adults. Enjoy the game and good luck!