Epic Combo

A simple unblocked game with an easy interface, if you were looking for exactly these qualities, then welcome to the world of epic combos. The game involves a quick decision because the life of your character will depend on this.
The character you play for is a dark man, his enemies are small, but very fast turtles. They will run to meet you in an ugly order, and you will have to kill them with the help of a large hammer. Turtles want to get to your planet, but you are the only one who can stop them. But these reptiles are not as simple as you think, to escape from persecution, they can hide in their shells and run very fast, even jumping over obstacles like you. But you won’t be able to use it very quickly, since the next blow may be unsuccessful, and you will not hit the target.
The more blows you strike and the more enemies fall from your hammer, the more money appears in your account. This is an additional bonus, which will come in handy for you because you can buy powerful weapons for the millions you earned. Want to buy a crossbow, a powerful bomb or rifle, then save enough money.