Fish Eat Fish 3

Fish Eats Fish 3 is an exciting game for friendly companies. After all, it can be played as one player, and two or even three. You immerse yourself in the underwater world of fish, where you will manage one of them. Your fish is very small so far, as it has just embarked on a large voyage. But to survive in the vast expanses of the ocean, you will have to apply all your survival skills. Help the fish cope with the emerging threat and become the largest fish in the whole ocean.

So, if you are playing a single-player game, the control is done with the arrow keys. Move around the surface and eat small fish that will be on your way. But remember that the ocean is also full of dangerous, big fish and predators that can eat you for lunch. Therefore, do not encounter them, but only eat only small ones. So you become bigger and bigger and can already compete with other vertebrates. The game “Fish Eats Fish 3” is a simple, but able to lure into the gameplay game, which is suitable for adult and young gamers.