Geometry dash – Mr dubstep

It’s time to hang out with Mr. Dubstep! This funny cube will show you how to have fun and get adrenaline. In the game “Geometry Dash: Mr. Dubstep” you have to go on a dangerous journey through the neon world. Naughty cube will rush forward at great speed, and you only need to have time to overcome obstacles. Around there will be many sharp spikes and bottomless pits. You need to show maximum dexterity and lightning reaction to help Mr. Dubstep to avoid them. Sometimes you have to change gravity and make dizzying jerks in space.

In addition to obstacles in the way you will meet evil cubes, which all the time will try to attack your hero. To destroy them, you can use a special skill or bounce and make a sharp fall directly on the villain. Then it will shatter into small pieces.

At first, there will be only one hero at your disposal. But over time, you can accumulate a certain amount and buy a new cube. Each character has its own special skill that will help to cope with obstacles and enemies. Together with a fun cube, you can conquer level by level or try your luck in an endless mode. Become a real champion of “Geometry Dash”! Enjoy the game and good luck!