Description of the online game “Gunbot Game” (original name – Gunbot). The population of a small planet was attacked by evil monsters. They mercilessly killed the inhabitants of the planet. Only the gunbot robot volunteered to save them from the monsters. He is bold and determined, clever and clever. He became the best embodiment of technical progress. The robot chose a weapon and hit the road. Monsters immediately appeared on his way. If he does not have time to start shooting in time, he will be doomed to death. Therefore, not expecting an attack, open fire. The robot moves under the control of the keyboard. The sight and firing is performed by a computer mouse. And the keyboard and mouse in your hands. The outcome of the battle depends on you. Good luck!

Control of the game is carried out using a computer mouse and keyboard. The arrow keys control the movement of the hero. By clicking the left mouse button, fire.