Happy Room

Welcome to the crazy game happy room. In this room you will find everything you wish: happiness, joy, delicious treats and much more. At least that’s what the clones say so that they dream of getting there. In fact, in a happy room, happiness does not smell. In fact, this is a torture room in which new developments of all types of weapons are tested on clones. Your goal will be just torture. There are two modes in this game for boys: normal and sandbox. To open the sandbox you need to prove yourself perfectly in standard mode. So, in the happy room a clone will be suspended. You have to set the available traps and deadly weapons, and when the clone falls off the insurance, it will suffer a terrible fate. The more damage you do to the victim, the more money you will earn and you will be able to discover new weapons and improve the characteristics of existing ones. In the game “Happy Room” you are destined to become an evil and merciless genius.