Happy Wheels HTML5

How amazing are those people who, due to life circumstances, have received this or that injury, remaining chained to a wheelchair for the rest of the time, but who have not lost confidence in their own abilities! These heroes truly make us proud of them. And today we will visit one of the few boarding houses in which disabled people are kept, but where they do not consider themselves as such. And you will very quickly understand why this is happening. After all, these strong-willed creatures, in spite of any difficulties, are ready to go towards their cherished goal. They even participate in special competitions no worse than eminent athletes, the only difference between such tournaments of body and spirit strength you will see vehicles that are not quite familiar to you and me, which does not in the least reduce the excitement, which explodes the blood in our veins with adrenaline! Feel this amazing atmosphere of drive and danger, and your inner world will change once and for all!