Ready to ride with the wind? Then sit down comfortably, because real tests are waiting for you soon! In the mini-game “Heavy Truck”, you will drive a powerful SUV. The main task of the game to overcome the distance deftly balancing on an angular and intermittent road. You need to concentrate and try to make maximum efforts to overcome all obstacles in your path and not crash the truck.

You must learn to identify the moments when you need to press hard on the gas, and when it is worth a little slow down and slow down. Also, you will jump from platform to platform and overcome various obstacles. For the car to remain safe and sound, you need to be fast, but at the same time vigilant to react in time. To complete the level, you need to get to the finish line at the end of the path. This game will appeal to fans of mini-games and not only. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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