Hello Guys

Hello Guys is a cool new arcade platformer game in which you’ll run across all sorts of obstacles. Slide, run, race, go through dangerous and crazy obstacles with other opponents online! It will get harder with each level, try to use all your skills of the Fall Guys games to always be number one. There will be 7 different tracks available, each map will have different tasks, try to play everything.

How to play?
Start a competitive multiplayer race by playing with moving obstacles. Speed ​​up your way to the finish line picking up different accelerations or bombs – they can delay opponents. Desperately competing against a crowd of opponents in a battle royale-style gameplay. Go through obstacles for a while and choose the fastest way to victory! Take the top places, you will need it in order to get more experience and gold, you will need it to buy skins for the character. The game also has a tournament table of all players, you can track the progress of all players in this game in it.