Heroes Legend

Have you guys ever imagined yourself as brave knights? If so, then a big surprise awaits you! Now we will be transported to the Middle Ages and begin our history of great feats. In the game “Legend of Heroes for Two”, you can control both characters at the same time, or enlist the support of a friend and play together. You will turn into young heroes who have to save the kingdom from the invasion of robbers and monsters. It will not be easy, but acting together you can deal with the villains in two ways.

Ahead of you is a dangerous and, at the same time, exciting adventure. Your knights will be armed with sharp swords, and one of them even has an explosive potion in stock. With it, you can destroy enemies from a distance. Also, look for different weapons and you can diversify your combat arsenal. At each level you need to collect all the blue crystals and find a big gold star. This will help to pass the level of one hundred percent. Enjoy the game and good luck!

Game Controls: 

Move: “W,A,S,D”
Hit / Shot: “F”
Jump: “W”
Switch Weapon: “Q”

Hit / Shot: “L”
Jump: “UP ARROW”
Switch Weapon: “U”