hole.io 2

hole.io 2 is multiplayer io game, you will meet players from all over the world and you can compete with them. A black hole will fall under your leadership, which can easily gobble up everything that comes in its way. First, you need to select your game nickname and enter it in a special field, as well as determine the border color for your hole. Then you will go to a small town, where you will look for food. In the first stages, the size of your hole will be small, but as you progress through the levels, they will begin to increase. In the beginning, only small objects will be obtained, for example, benches, lampposts or rubbish bins, but gradually, when the dimensions become larger, it will be possible to absorb more serious objects. Very soon, fire engines, ships and entire houses will be able to get into the hole. As you progress through the stages, pay attention to your opponents, because each of them can easily swallow you. Grow in size and become the most gigantic hole, the size of the whole universe.