Idle Breakout combines two epic types of games – the classic Atari game Breakout, and the idle genre. In this game, there is a twist. You are presented with a ton of different balls and upgrades. 

As you delete more squares using your balls you can purchase upgrades and new styles of ball. Each ball has a different ability and statistic. The bricks you destroy each have a number – this represents how many times it must be destroyed. Can you unlock all of the balls and break all the bricks?

Release Date

Idle Breakout was initially released in January 2019 and was updated in March 2019.


Idle Breakout is developed by Kodiqi.


  • An idle version of the famous classic Atari Breakout
  • Multiple balls with a unique parameter
  • Numbered bricks that represent the hit needed to destroy them
  • Addictive gameplay


Web browser


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More Information About Idle Breakout

This is a well-designed idle game that you can enjoy here on directly in your browser, for free. This game has been played less than 100 times and has received a rating of 8.0 / 10 with 5 votes. The game is made with HTML5 to work in all modern browsers. If you like the game, make sure to check out our other idle games or to IdleByte 2 and Pokemon Clicker


Press LMB to destroy a brick.