2 2 2 is an international hit from the creator of cool games like and Drift io. Join the great online shooter and beat everyone.

How to play :

The game task in 2, like in any other shooter, is to shoot as many frags as you can during the game. Separately there are levels with special zones. The fact is that for the killings you get points. Whoever scores the most points will win the round and get game credits. For loans you can buy in the store new types of guns. And in special areas marked with yellow flags, points are added to you every second. It turns out that you can score fewer frags, but win the points competition. Kranker io 2 pleases everyone. And the coolness and smoothness of the graphics, and excellent shooting mechanics. They start all with two weapons: Kalash and a pistol. The pistol hits quite powerfully, and you can make yourself a challenge – to beat the round purely with him. Anyone who has learned to handle a gun has a huge advantage. Kalash shoots very randomly and it kind if you try to shoot on the go. To start the queue from the machine, you need to sit down. So it will be more accurate, and you will be able to simultaneously shoot and drive a cursor. Despite the fact that 2 is a game for singles, you will become stronger if you invite friends to share the joy of playing games with you. Together, talking and chatting, you will be significantly more powerful than one or two scattered players.


WASD + Space for movement
Shift to crouch