Lion hunting

Lion Hunter is an exciting 3D action game in which you will have a unique opportunity to hunt the king of the jungle and African savannah! An aggressive flock of lions has settled near a small village in a picturesque rainforest. They constantly steal livestock and have recently begun to increasingly attack civilians. These animals are extremely dangerous, as they hunt mainly in packs. As the most experienced hunter, you need to protect the local settlement from the attacks of these fierce animals at all costs!

How to play?
24 dangerous levels await you, in which you will hunt in 3 forest areas. You will have a limited amount of time to complete each level. Get into a vantage point for a better view of the area. Use radar to locate the location of your targets. As soon as you see the predators, aim well, hold your breath and pull the trigger. Enjoy the mesmerizing flight of the bullet that pierces the target. Earn money for completing tasks and buy powerful new sniper rifles. Feel like a professional shooter and experience the thrill of lion hunting! Good game!