Meteor Shower is an excellent arcade game in which you must test your asteroid dodging skills. You control an awesome UFO and must dodge and weave in and around the moving asteroids. 

Move quickly and keep your reactions tight so that you don’t take any damage. You can play solo, or you can team up with your friend in dual UFO spaceships! See if you can survive the meteor shower today!

Release Date

April 2019


Meteor Shower is made by MartzBroosGames, the same developer who made another fun two player game, Clash of Cakes.


  • Play solo or together with your friend
  • Asteroids to avoid
  • Survive for a certain time to pass the level and move to the next one
  • Physics-based controls


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


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More Information About Meteor Shower

Meteor Shower is an amazing avoid game that you can play on directly in your browser, for free. This game has received less than 100 plays and has been rated 8.2 out of 10 by 11 people. Meteor Shower uses HTML5 technology to run without trouble in most browsers. If you like to play Meteor Shower, you should also play our other avoid games or to Skate Hooligans and Short Life.SHOW LESS


To control the movement of the UFO, player 1 use space bar and player 2 use 0.