Mr Bullet

Mr. Bullet unblocked by unblocked games 67 is waiting for you, well-aimed shooter, so that you show the class in the game Mr Bullet. When banditry covers a previously peaceful and decent city, a truly noble man will not be able to stay away and silently, inactive look at what is happening. The retired special agent did not lose his skills and determination. He, as before, is ready to fight crime and understands that this time he was faced with a serious opponent.

Mr. Bullett intends to go hunting right now. And if the role of his partner seems attractive enough to you, then join. We will track the locations where the villains are based and eliminate them without a shadow of regret. Mr Bullet took a pistol and cartridges with him, only their supplies are limited, and therefore we do not recommend firing left and right without meaning and result.

It’s better to take aim and attack every time. The less you spend shots, the more points you get for the level passed. And with each step, your insidious targets will become more and more carefully hidden from shelling. So, you have to cun and get out, so that none of the crooks survived.