Night In Museum

You are a former military man who was sent to retire in the prime of life. Not wanting to sit in the office, you stayed at home with your family for some time, but then you got bored and one of your relatives suggested you work as a security guard in the local city museum. The work is not dusty, calm, they also pay money, you agreed. The museum is a huge building with several halls that need to be regularly walked around during duty. On the eve a new exposition was brought here called Treasures of the Pharaohs. It presents exhibits of gold and precious stones, so the authorities ordered more often to visit the halls. Walking around again, you heard a rustle, and then you saw armed people. These are robbers and not simple. They are well armed and you can’t stop holding your gun, find the weapon more serious, it is in the museum. The night will be hot at Night In Museum.

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