Ninja Arashi

only the Arashi Ninja can stop the evil spreading across the planet and, unfortunately, the first who suffered from the mad fighters from the darkness were his fellow soldiers and relatives. You can’t leave it like that, it is simply obliged to embark on the path of struggle, and you simply must learn a new world, the two-dimensional world of battle and battles, the world that has already conquered smartphone operating systems, becoming a hit in a short time and now opens its doors to all users of personal computers.

Release Date: January 2020
Developer: Black Panther, Igroutka
Platform: Web Browser (PC only)
Technology: WebGL. Works in all modern browsers
Ability to play fullscreen
Age category: 7+
How to play?
Walking the chosen path will not be easy, with each meter of enemies there will be more and more, except for this, their strength and abilities will grow. But our hero is also not from the last ten, and he did not just get the title of a ninja. He owns various weapons, he has two razor-sharp swords and he can inflict a crushing blow to the enemy to stand in front of which no one can. In addition to weapons, our hero can take advantage of one of the bonuses that appear, which will improve his capabilities, for example, speed and power of impact. But in any case, remember that always the ninjas were hidden fighters, that is, they stepped up to the enemy unnoticed and stung like a snake – quickly and unexpectedly! Perhaps that is why our hero can not only wave his swords but also hide.