nox timore

Do you like horror games? Creating the Knox Timor crazy game, the developers tried not to leave gamers indifferent and calm. Your character is locked in a windowless room, presumably a basement. It seems that nobody is there, and the strangest and most depressing thing is that there is no way out. Two rooms are connected by a small corridor. But the door somewhere else simply does not exist. And that brings real horror.

Having examined the rooms where initially there was only a bedside table and a pair of chairs, you are absolutely sure that you are here all alone. But while one room is being explored, new pieces of furniture suddenly appear in another. Thinking where they came from, you come back, and on the furniture there is a note: “I am glad to see you here …”. Fearfully? The most interesting awaits the daredevils ahead. Get ready, Nox Timore will tickle your nerves.