Paintball Wars 3d

The game “Paintball Wars” is not quite an ordinary multiplayer shooter with 3D graphics. This time we will play paintball, and the main players will be mercenaries, soldiers, zombies and others. Paintball is a sport or entertainment in which the goal is to knock out your opponent by firing them with paintball balls. In the game Paintball Wars, there are bad girls and good guys who are divided into different teams. By joining the server, you can choose one of the available rooms and start the game. Choosing a team, you start your war! You have eight brand new and very destructive guns specially tuned for playing with paints. In addition, a new “pomegranate” function has been added in the shape of a heart pierced by an arrow. Now players can tease each other in this way. In total, ten unique maps are available for you, as well as two game modes: team (guys against girls) and the classic death match, where everyone plays for himself and against everyone. Good quality graphics and brilliant gameplay! Of course, Paintball Wars will lure every new player who loves to shoot and have fun.