Paper Minecraft 2

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Great game with 2D graphics, which is a clone of the famous game “Minecraft”. Paper Minecraft opens up a big world for you to explore and complete freedom of action. Look for trees and other objects for mining. The resulting materials are used to craft various items. With the help of the instructions you can learn a few recipes for creating certain items. For example, from a tree you can create some objects, and from a stone completely different. Keep track of stocks of life and food, with good performance, you can create what you want. Play Paper Minecraft and enjoy. Good luck!

Control of the game:
WASD – run, jump and swim;
Buttons: 1-9 – select the item;
Mouse – actions with blocks;
E – open / close inventory;
O – save the game;
P – pause;
Q – throw a thing;
T – discussion / team;
Shift – running;
N – add a sign and stuff;
F – eat;
Spacebar – remove item from the pack.