Ping Pong Chaos


Ping Pong Chaos is developed by New Eich Games.


The game is available as a web browser game and as an iOS app.

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Sports games are a great way to have fun and benefit. Especially if there are friends near you. In the game “Ping Pong Chaos”, you can invite a friend and play for two. If all the comrades are busy your computer will be your rival. If you want to demonstrate your sports skills to the maximum extent, then you can take part in the tournament, create your own team and show your skills in ping-pong.

Before you start the game, you can use the settings. You will have a choice of several maps: arena, cruise, island, mountains and bar. But that’s not all. Also, you need to choose one of the balls with which you will play: basketball, tennis, ping-pong ball or bowling ball. You will play an athlete who is quite difficult to manage. He will stagger to the sides, and your task is to score the maximum number of balls. Wins the player who first earns five points. It will not be easy, but very fun. Enjoy the game and good luck!