Pixel Pirate

Pixel world boasts a mass of all kinds of characters, there are among them monsters of all stripes, as well as pirates. With one of them you will meet in the game Pixel Pirate and even be able to help. The poor man was alone on a small island where he was thrown by the wave. His ship crashed during a violent storm. He lost control, ran into reefs, and the team went to feed the fish. The captain survived a miracle and was on the island. He was in despair, because the island is so far from civilization. It is unlikely that in the coming years someone will swim here. But he did not have time to grieve when he saw the approaching skeleton. It turns out he is not alone on the island, but he does not like this neighborhood at all. Well, that survived his sword and hook. The first can repel the attack and the second to neutralize the bomb.

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