Police Pursuit 3

Nowadays, many criminals have divorced, and for residents of the city life has ceased to be calm. Bandit cars scour the streets, causing complete chaos in the city. In the game “Police Pursuit 3” unblock for you unblocked games 67, you will be a police officer who drives a cool police car. You must restore order and silence in your city. Hold all criminals in your city accountable until a real gang has formed there. Not so long ago, you work as a cop, but your abilities to deal well with crimes are known throughout the site.

How to play?
Start the game and immediately go to the streets of the city. During your patrol, a walkie-talkie informs you of the troublemakers and you must catch up and stop the troublemaker by any means. Ram his car until it stops and lights up. Your car is also damaged from any blows, but you can easily repair it by approaching the site and picking up a recovery key. On the game screen, you will see a mini-map, on it you can easily navigate, monitor criminals, see your site (marked with a house) and see new missions. In addition to the persecution, career missions are marked with a yellow circle on the map and they must also be completed. In total, 10 missions await you, completing which, you can neutralize the main criminals of this city. After completing all the main missions, you can continue to work as a police officer and will pursue various petty violators who are not as dangerous as real bandits.

Ready to serve as a police carrier? Then start playing and quickly clean up the streets of this city!

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