Push Em All

Three years have passed since Voodoo became a mobile gaming studio with its Paper.io. Since then, they have released other great hits such as Snake VS Block, Dune, Helix Jump or Hole.io. Nevertheless, they still develop many games, although not as popular, they still manage to easily surpass a million downloads, such as with Push’em all.

Throw them all mercilessly
This is just another casual game that we’re used to. It is a game of levels where the player must control a green character with a big shovel, which will push all the flocks of red characters who try to attack him. The goal is simple: throw as many characters as possible into the void and go to the next level, picking up coins and boxes along the way. Boxes may contain shovel enhancements that will contribute to progress.

Like all games from this studio, you can play for free with a lot of advertising or make a payment in the application to remove it. In addition, passing levels and collecting coins, you will get the opportunity to unlock and collect avatars for your little killer man. Push Em All unblocked version